Creative Writing Links

Some extra links found by members to help you on your creative writing journey. – creative writing excercise – everything a creative writer needs! – forum and message board for writers – Young adult fiction website – Open University free course materials – include writing units. – Warwick University creative writing podcasts – more creative writing competitions that you can shake a stick at! – International Creative writing competitions. – One writer’s blog showing the trials and challenges of getting published. – Creative writing resource – some of the content you need sign up and pay for though. – screenplay writing software – free demo download will read your work aloud from your computer. – novel writing software – The book no serious writer should be without! If you can afford to buy it great, if not a copy is always available as a reference source at your local library. – see your book or collection of short stories/ poem as a free e book for people from all over the world to download and comment on online on this website. Great for exposure and feedback lists lots of magazines and journal publishers that accept fiction and non fiction submissions from new and established writers.