I hadn’t written anything since school where my compositions were always read out in class and received with great amusement; when I read one back recently, I realised why!

My interest was rekindled when I took a late gap year at 50, travelling around Australia. I kept a journal each day to record where I had been and who I’d met, mainly because I couldn’t rely on my memory. Afterwards I wanted to do something with this journal and took myself to a Creative writing course in London with an American writer called Anne Aylor. She became my inspiration. Demonstrating how to develop a tiny glimmer of talent. After a week spent on her novel writing course in Spain, I was determined that my journal would become a novel. That’s where I am now, aiming to finish by 2012.

At the moment I write from life and my own experience. So although it’s travel based it’s about a journey of personal growth. I’ve had my first article published. A 500 word biography to promote a friends business.

We all have something to say and if it’s written truthfully the reader will relate to it.

My aim is to finish my book and get it published. I love reading about real life experiences and what drives people, so Chris Evans autobiography I found fascinating.