Creative Minds meetings begin at 7.30pm unless stated otherwise finish @ 9pm.

2013 Schedule

January Thurs 10th Thurs 24th
Feb Thurs 7th Thurs 21st
March Thurs 7th Thurs 21st
April Thurs 11th Thurs 25th
May Thurs 9th Thurs 23rd
June Thurs 6th Thurs 20th
July Thurs 11th Thurs 25th
August Thurs 15th
Sept Thurs 12th Thurs 26th
October Thurs 10th Thurs 24th
Nov Thurs 7th Thurs 21st
Dec Thurs 12th

Meetings are always held on a Thursday @ The Beefeater in Corby,

Address: 1 Little Colliers Field, Corby, Northampton, NN18 8TJ

If you haven’t been to a meeting before please do contact Nicky on nickywhite28 (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk before attending.